Thursday, 2 July 2009

Poem: I Can See Clearly Now, The Grain is Gone


to High Definition?

Are you kidding me?

Get the latest edition?

What does it matter

that I can see clearly?

When they cancel Stargate

and My Own Worst Enemy?

In grainy black & white motion

we watched men walk on the moon,

Sullivan had on the Beatles

and we sang their tunes.

Did we need clear

to watch these defining scenes?

First man-on-man kiss

or Degrassi's first pregnant teen?

What about the Murphy Brown Riot,

a single woman's adoption?

And we all followed the Jeep

in the OJ Simpson escape run.

Variety Shows like "Idol"

made a comeback in grain,

Now we watch reality show seasons

again and again.

World changing events

like 9/11 and Obama,

We watched in Low-Def

and still called our mamas.

So what is this ploy

they are trying to get out?

It's really nothing special

to write home about.

The TV execs

throw their hands up and reason,

it must be picture quality

why viewers are leaving this season.

Really execs? You must be right,

it couldn't be the crappy shows that I see...

I guess I'll stick to watching

on the internet - commercial free!