Sunday, 23 August 2009

Will my book sell?

How do you know if your book will be a best-seller?

1) Your first book was a best-seller, chances are, your next book will be.
2) You're a celebrity, your idea will sell.

What about the rest of us?

You need to analyze your story idea...

Ask yourself:

1) Do I have a heroic character?
a) with a distinctive voice?
b) is he or she likable?
c) interesting career?
d) flawed like the rest of the human population?
2) Is the character given a worthy goal?
a) a goal substantial in content
b) difficult to attain?
c) shared by readers?
3) Does my hero have a worthy adversary?
a) is the adversary interesting?
b) flawed by powerful enough to be a challenge to the hero?
4) Is there action and conflict involving the hero's quest?
a) dialog laced with conflict?
b) is there a varied pace?
c) vivid imagery and interesting subplots?
d) absence of preaching, philosophizing and musing?
5) A perceived ending?
a) with climatic struggle at the end?
b) a resolution that offers redemption to the hero?
c) lessons learned for both character and readers?

If you can answer 'absolutely!' to every question, MAYBE you have a chance.

Writing is hard work but selling your idea is even harder. So, what? Should you give up? Never!
If you're like me, you can't. The voices and story ideas in your head propel you on. But with endurance and ingenuity, maybe you can be that best selling author one day.