Monday, 19 October 2009

The Yuri Code

In my second book, I have a code that a man named Yuri made for my character Sophia to crack. He gave her objects that will lead her to a book. See if you can crack the code from the objects below. Feel free to ask questions or tell your answer in the comments.

You need to figure out the title of a popular book from these photos and the publisher. If you have the title, you will know the author. The pictures are in no particular order.

Here is the excerpt from my book:

With the cup of coffee settled within sniffing distance, she opened the bag and took out the items she retrieved from the forest. A bible? She unwrapped the plastic from the black soft-bound book and flipped through it. What is this supposed to mean?

Everything with Yuri had to be complicated. The informant was old school: no emails, never meeting in person, everything was a code -- a secret. He would never give her the answer; she had to figure out the key first. Based on her previous communications, she knew the answer she looked for would be in a book. She flipped to the marker in the bible; it opened to the book of Psalms, first chapter. What did the book of verse mean? Was she looking for a specific scripture?

She put the book down and picked up the penny. A plain, copper penny put forward many options. Crowned portcullis with chains and the head of the Queen? Did the penny symbolize the number one or money in general? More questions than answers at this point.

Laying out the rest of the items, she picked up the pictures. An old car and a ship – that would take research.

ann elle altman