Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Writer's Bubble

The last few days, I have been on "vacation." I use quotes because I'm visiting family and really, that's never a vacation. Hellish really. You are hit, once again, with why you live two thousand miles away.

So, I find myself wanting to enter my writer's bubble. It's a writer's escape, somewhat like the reader's escape in the form of a book but in my case, I'm writing it.

I can't speak for all writers but I know many who feel writing is all consuming. For example, if you're writing and your son or daughter comes in the room and you stare at them for a minute wondering which character they are and why they're appearing in the this chapter... you're in your bubble. If however, after a half hour, you still don't recognize your kin, seek psychiatric help. I have to admit, sometimes I scare myself.

I do take consolation in the fact that if ever I am locked in some sort of prison (not that I'm planning it) I think my mind would take over and the bubble would come to my rescue. I would eventually be officially nuts. But, I think my characters would keep me company.

Now I know many of you reading this will be wondering what the hell I'm on about. And, honestly, I think it's difficult to explain if you have never lived it. How the story you're writing is so exciting, the characters so real, the dialog more interesting than any you could possibly have in real life, you start living it... if only in your mind.

The writer's bubble. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... please don't pop mine.