Friday, 12 February 2010

A Stitch in Crime by Betty Hechtman

A Stitch in Crime (A Crochet Mystery)Genre: Cozy Mystery
How I read it: Kindle for PC

What attracted me to the book: The genre and the free crochet pattern.

What it worth the money? The Kindle version cost me $8.39 and the savings in gas. It came with two recipes and a two-part crochet pattern. If those things are important to you, the answer will be yes.

Who should read this book: If you look around and you're sitting in a nice cozy arm chair, listening to Mozart, a book with a fancy crocheted bookmark in it is sitting next you as you crochet - this is the book for you and your crochet bookmark!

Summary (from amazon): Molly's been handed the reins for this year's creative retreat-an exhilarating weekend out on the Monterey Peninsula, complete with crochet classes. Unfortunately for one teacher, though, the breathtaking scenery is where she'll take her last breath. Now Molly will have to find a new instructor, and, if she can squeeze it in, solve this murder-with the help of her pals from the Tarzana Hookers.

My thoughts: In all fairness, I've gotten used to more intense reads like those of Caroline Graham and Val McDermid, so in comparison, I found the book timid. I also had issues in that I haven't read the first three books in the series and I found references to situations I didn't know about.

The book is written in first person and while I got close to the main character, it didn't make me feel for any of the others. When the victim died, I felt no sadness or shock, to me, she deserved what she received. The author is funny and there are some funny and crazy scenes in the book. I haven't had the time to create the purse with the pattern given but I did create the flower, you can see it on the right.

Did I figure out who the murderer was before the main character: No.

Bottom Line: This book is what it is, a cozy who-dunnit. If that's what you're wanting to read, you'll find it in this book.



tweezle said...

I really like your style of reviewing! Thanks for a great and honest review :)

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Ann Elle Altman said...

Thanks, I debate being nice or being honest. I prefer being nice and honest but sometimes you can't be.


Natasha said...

Loved the review. And it seems just my kind of book (I love crochet, and of the three books I have going simultaneously, one is always a book that doesn't require full concentration).

Kit Courteney said...

I'm a big fan of Caroline Graham's and others in that style so have never ventured into 'cosy' stuff, but you make it sound rather appealing!

T. Powell Coltrin said...

What a clever idea a pattern with the book.

Great review as always.

PS I'm on my third cup of coffee and haven't reviewed anything this morn. :)

Ann Elle Altman said...

Rayna, yes, this book does not require much concentration. It's a simple read.

Kit, I think modern cozys have to be written simply. More than the cozys of past.

JW, I love crochetting and that's what made me buy the book in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Great review! I like the cups. :)


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