Monday, 12 April 2010

Jane Eyre and Cirian Hinds

Jane Eyre (A&E, 1997)Genre: Classic Movie

How I watched it: I own it.

What attracted me to the movie: I admit, I snatch up all classic movies when they come along. Especially, British ones and especially ones with Ciaran Hinds. He's one of my favorite actors. Not the handsomest but one of the best.

What it worth the money? Yes.

Who should watch this movie: If you've read Jane Eyre, then watch this version. There are some other versions (also good) but this one, the chemistry is wonderful between Morton and Hinds. IMHO.

Summary (from amazon): The fascinating British actress Samantha Morton stars as the titular heroine in this provocative version of Jane Eyre, based on Charlotte Bronte's oft-filmed, 1847 novel. The familiar contours of Bronte's story are all here: Jane, the unhappy orphan, grows up to become governess at Thornfield, a gloomy estate owned by the imperious and worldly, but curiously desperate, Mr. Rochester (Ciarán Hinds). While the latter's grasping attentions stir the inexperienced young woman, the gothic goings-on at Thornfield suggest layers of unwholesome secrecy in Rochester's life. Most productions of Jane Eyre carefully reflect Bronte's absorbing balance between romance, horror, and Jane's psychological passage to adulthood. But this 1997 television movie is interesting for its near-reckless emphasis on Jane and Rochester's mutual obsession and galloping jealousies. The dramatic strategy throws off the story's overall tone, but such problems are worth it to see Morton and Hinds explore Jane Eyre's darkest possibilities. --Tom Keogh

My thoughts: Have I said I love this movie? I think that nicely sums it up. This is one of the best scenes in the movie, it's the proposal scene. The chemistry is wonderful. I like how they cut some of the boring parts of the book out in the movie.You can watch the bit below.

Bottom Line: Don't watch the movie if you haven't read the book, but if you have, what are you waiting for?


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Sugar said...

I actually just listened to the book last month (I listed to them on my Ipod, I'm too busy to actually read) lol. But it was great!

Ann Elle Altman said...

Yes, it's wonderful. Thanks for the comment, Sugar.

Aubrie said...

I love this book. :) My favorite scene is when he pretends he's gypsy to get Jane to say what she's thinking about him.

Amy Saia said...

I think I watched this one, and really enjoyed it. I should read the book again though.

Ann Elle Altman said...

I love the scene in the book with the gypsy, too. How sneaky of him.

Thanks for your comments, everyone.


Talli Roland said...

Thanks for the review! I love Samantha Morton, so I really enjoyed this version.

Hannah Stoneham said...

Thank you for posting on this one - I love Jane Eyre and have enjoyed seeing Hinds and Morton in other dramas - so this sounds like a must see. Also - my husband and I are fast getting through our box set collection - so new additions are always welcome!

thanks indeed for sharing an dexcellent review


Mason Canyon said...

Enjoyed the review. Sorry to say I haven't read the book yet, but you've peaked my interest in it now.

Thoughts in Progress

Laura S. said...

Nice review. I read Jane Eyre a few years ago and I kind of forget it. Thanks for reminding me to re-read the classics!

Ann Elle Altman said...

Glad you liked the review. I was going to post more but I figured most already knew about her book.


Marce said...

Ann, thanks for the mention. Also, I didn't realise I wasn't a follower, so I am now.

Bisi Adjapon said...

Hi Ann, I'd love to see this movie--I've read Jane Eyre so many times. Sometimes though, I get scared I'll be disappointed with the movie.

FYI, I've posted more pictures on my site from my trip. My blog has moved to :)

Thanks for this post!

Anonymous said...

I watched it last night, the day you wrote the blog. How ODD. I agree that Ciaran Hinds offered a powerful performance as Rochester. I've seen another version with William Hurt. Hurt's performance and the adaptation of the novel can't compete with this one despite the fact that more money goes into the production.

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